Saturday, August 20, 2011

Recent Thrift Shopping Finds

I went thrifting the other day here in Siem Reap for a bit of retail therapy and these are the pieces I got:

I was so happy to find this vintage Yves Saint Laurent tee.

A bit of nautical feel in the embroidered chest with leather anchor detail. Can't wait to wear this after laundry.

This Nina Ricci blazer looks like something Peter Copping would have designed now for the label's latest collections.

There's something totally charming with this Junko Shimada plaid waistcoat. I think the zips made it totally cool.

I was so surprised to find this Limi Feu checkerboard wrap skirt there since it's usually stuff from the 70's that I usually available and not labels from recent years.

The label is designed by Limi Yamamoto, the daughter of Yohji Yamamoto, hence the use of big snaps, a signature Yohji-ism. I guess the fruit hasn't fallen very far from the tree.

This sequinned top labeled Les Amies de Poplar was sold to me for $0.75 so I was very happy.

The whole surface of the top is covered in black pailettes with flower details on the front. Initially, I wanted to re-sell it but now I've decided to hold on to it for now because I like looking at it.

I also got some bags. This fabric tote bag is by Agnes B., a very practical piece I love using for errands and I need a bag where I can dump stuff.

I also got a Margaret Howell canvas tote and a Lanvin Bleu canvas pouch.

I don't carry or use handkerchiefs but I couldn't let go of the Celine and Vivienne Westwood I found.

This Paul & Joe floral fabric pouch was too cute and cheap for me not to get.

Also I got my first thrifted Pucci piece, a tie! I hope next time I find a shirt or dress. I want to add Pucci to my clothing archive.

Oh, and more ties from Hermes, Agnes B. and Kenzo Homme.

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