Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fun is where your friends are...

Aside from the ukay and bangus, it's my friends that I miss most about Iloilo. I don't think Iloilo would be so endearing to me if not for my friends. Gosh, they're the reason why I've stayed on for the longest time! They were the first one to support me also when I decided that I need to explore outside of there. Here is just SOME (coz I still have lots to include here) of them:

Jaki Pen and Tito Butz. Almost like my mom and pop cept that they don't want to admit it. It's an age issue. Hehehe! Tita Jaki is my confidante, travel companion and lending shop when I need money. Tito Butz is like an endearing friend, always sensitive to my wants. I always have pasalubongs from his trips abroad. Hehehe He's very generous and I love talking dirty politics with him especially if I backbite all those trapos (traditional politicians).

Sol is like a big brother to me. Literally and figuratively. He's been my confidante and my longest friend of the bunch here. We go a long way. We love to talk about our ' friends' and their latest shenanigans. It's an inside joke we only can understand. Hehehe

Ditas is my former boss who became my friend. We love to eat and she always has food for me. She allowed me to creatively blossom while using the miniscule (hahahaha!) resources of the company we work for. That's the reason why I became a designer and an artist at the same time. Marichel is her barkada. We became close because of food, too. I love it when we just bond over a spread of food in some new resto. Both of them I drag in some ukay place and I think I'm the only friend who can do that to them. Hahaha! And we love to gossip. Hehehe

Tita Glenda is like my cool aunt. It's usually moi, Bo and her and we would hop from one bar to another. She's very generous and kind. Always giving and accommodating. Very fun to be with.

Ria (with her boytoy Sherwin) is Bo's baby. I was the one who asked her to model for me. Spotted her in a Salbacuta rap concert. From newbie to supermao to best dressed of Preview. I'm so proud of this girl. I usually stay at her apartment when I'm in Manila.

The gang (L-R): Mikki, the non-Ilonggo friend I only have, is a complicated romantic intellectual. Jor-el is the wacky, nakakaloka friend who was with me backstage during Phil. Fashion Week 2008. I won't forget all the help he did. Then that's Mike (see below). Angel is the gaga-gaga, wacky but talented girl. I adore this kid. And finally KL who's always there but not there. I mean that in a good way. Total support. Tagapalapak, tagaubos ng pagkain, taga-please attach any word. That's KL. Hehehehe!

Miguel is the chef I want to be. I could eat all the food Miguel cooks! He makes vegetarian food taste like non-vegetarian. He makes evil food even more sinful. He's the perfect companion to anything and everything. This guy doesn't say No. Go lang sya ng go!

Mike is my sounding board, a shoulder to lean on, the person who has supported me with all my ideas even if I know it's crap. But yeah, he tells me it's also crap, too. He's an ukay companion, an alarm clock even when he himself is always late. Mike has a special place in my heart. A very good friend.

That's Peer with Mike. This two are very good friends now. I love Peer's design. We usually bond over design stuff and tsismis about fashion and all. His sensibility is quite similar to mine. We both love dark, minimalistic concepts. He's cool, fun and laidback just like me. Hehehe Di bala?

Bo is my older sister! Hahaha! What's life without Bo Parcon? BORING!!! I miss this guy so much. I'm the yin to his yang. We're like Wonder Twins Power Activate. Hehehe!

Miss you guys.

Oh, tama na ang drama at emote na eto!


Kiks said...

nag-emo ang bakla! bengga ka. so human.

did you bring out your fashionable hanky to wipe away that little tear?

Rofel John said...

homesick ka no ? um. ur not alone. mwa!

Lyka Bergen said...

Mahirap ang malayo. New Life. New People. New Friends ang drama. Then, balik-balikan mo na lang ang naiwan mo para mas masaya!

Oo nga, You're always with Bo everytime I see you when I was still in Iloilo. Wherever Bo is, Don is there and Vice Versa.

(Girl, we want you to judge our Project Runway contest creations sa blog ketch. Check it out. We're really excited of what you'll say. Kasi Fashion Designer ka. Thanks!)

the spool artist said...

you forgot your bestest friends... joanne wintour and another bo! hehehe

Rofel John said...

and if i may add to spool artist --- your favorite icons, Cleopatra and Her Royal Highness. weeeh !

Gibo said...

ms congeniality, ang daming friends :-)

wag mag-emote, hindi bagay sa mga wardrobe collection mo ang emo

fuchsiaboy said...

Kiks - Yes, I used a Burberry hanky I got from the ukay

Rofel - Yes, I miss home. And yes I miss my fashion icons back home.

Lyka - Do you ever get this feeling na parang everytime you get back parang you are slowly losing your friends, parang di ka na makasali sa tsika, parang ang dami nang experiences and happening na wala ka? Oh, I said my piece sa Project Runway entry nyo ha. Congrats!

Spoolartist - I don't even think of them and neither should they think of me! Taray! Hahaha!

Gibo - Kailangan ng konting drama para may reason for retail therapy. Hahaha!

paolo said...

Margiela AIDS shirt. Mmm. Bo Parcon, he's so funny at Project Runway. On another note, where can I get your gladiator sandals? Asking too much, god. Hahaha.

fuchsiaboy said...

pao - you can either have them made here in cambodia. they cost $150 dollars + shipment. i can have them in different leather like gold, white, brown, black, gray. mura lang. you can western union the money to me. or you can check at backstage in serendra if they have stocks still. you can call stanley balonan, the owner, at 09179285779. i sell my clothes there too. what shoe size are you?

RAM BUCOY said...

Ditas, your former boss looks really familiar. What’s her lastname?

fuchsiaboy said...

she's a luzurriaga taleon.

what company have you worked before?

i think she worked for SM and La Botica before

EX BUDDHA said...

oh ok  I thought Concing – Lopez-Vito of El Fishers :) I used to work at HSBC, now with Fleishman-Hillard.

fuchsiaboy said...

she's from bacolod though. you might have seen her in one of their parties i guess. she's friends with the lopez vito and the concing coz i heard her mention the names before.

paolo said...


I saw your clothes at Backstage. I went there Feb 2008. Hahaha.