Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inspiration Board

This is my inspiration board. It's basically just random stuff I find interesting.

Here you see some scrap of fabrics with prints that we've done. Random notes from friends, a tearsheet of an editorial from an old Vogue.

In the tearsheet Christy Turlington is wearing a Helmut Lang tee which I love. I'm also loving the plastic-y texture of the sack bag I got when I bought a crochet scarf from a fair here. This board is basically for my spring/summer 2010 collection. The fuchsia scarf print and the paradise embroidery will be translated into a top, I guess.

The new Maria Luisa store containing a store within a store of Yohji Yamamoto is quite genius for me.

Still into that plastic-y, fake, techno idea. That's what I get when I see the flower sequinned scrap I cut from a t-shirt. And our new 'owl' print on the side with bow tie.

So what to expect for s/s next year from DP?

1. Plastic-y looking, synthetic materials

2. Fuchsia and red mixed with black and white

3. 'Paradise', 'Fake', '90's'

4. Relaxed, loose, androgynous, city

5. Gauze, chiffon, tissue cotton, canvas, acetate, plastic sack, etc.



nice owl print Don....I like!

fuchsiaboy said...

uy thanks ;)