Monday, May 11, 2009

Portraits of Me

One of the most exciting gift one could receive is a portrait of yourself. I like collecting art especially of emerging artists that I like. There was phase when I just wanted nude artworks from artists not doing nude pieces. There was also a time when I just wanted drawings. Always in the artist's particular style. Of course, I left all those artwork pieces behind in the Philippines. My collection has started recently when Tevy Ouer surprised me with a portrait she has done of me. It's done in her dark, surrealistic and almost cubist style.

Then E.M. Riem also did a portrait of me in his popular 'Toul Sleung genocide prison pics' portrait. It's acryllic done on burlap sack. I think I'm the first one he's done something like a proper portrait of the style. I'm so happy and greatly touched by his generosity when I received this. I thought it's amazing.

Then for my birthday present, a very belated one, Loven surprised me with an Absolut portrait style. It's totally pop art! It has been his style for the longest time and actually it's the second Absolut 'piece' he's given me. The first one was an 'art book' he concocted with funny 'spoofs' of people and stuff that are connected with me. You have to see it to understand what I mean. Of course, this one is an Absolut bottle in polka dots (my love for Comme des Garcons), fuchsia peeking under (my fave color) and the zipper (Helmut Lang, Ann Demeulemeester, punk, etc). A portrait about the stuff I love, love, love!


khaz of beautiful things said...

o my gosh, i like the pop art. i want one myself

Kiks said...

beautiful. mesmerizing, gurl!