Sunday, May 03, 2009


Tingting Cojuangco was recently in SR. Loven and moi showed her around to some of our must-see places here in SR. At FCC she checked the clothes at Jasmine. She got interested in one of the silk circle skirt. It was chica on her.

We also checked out Eric Raisina's atelier. Love the silk lamps of Eric.

Tingting had her measurements taken because she plans to order one of Eric's silk scallop skirt. She tried a tattered shrug (I have a bag version and I'm planning to buy the cape version) and it looked great.

At Raffles she spent some time checking the jewels at Lotus Arts de Vivre. She was equally fascinated by the Buddha exhibit at on of the terrace of the hotels. The curator briefly talked about the different meanings of Buddha's hand gestures.

One hand with palm straight up like a 'stop' is 'be calm'. With both hands up 'stop' is 'be calm and absence of fear'. The reclining Buddha is his point of death and his departure to 'nirvana'. I forgot the other ones. We also checked out Hanuman for antiques and there she found a ring with turtle emblems. In olden times, turtles are symbol of strength.

I took a picture of her Louis Vuitton bag.

A picture with her.


kawadjan said...

Ay sus, ginoo. Nakita rin ang nawawalang anak ni Tingting! Say hello to Mai Mai and Mikee for me ha. Yun nga lang, di mo kasing tingting si Tingting. Tse!

Kiks said...

Tingting remains to be as pretty as she has always been.

Murderous husband and some good apple daughters. One is a bit lemony (not to the taste though.)