Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Workshop

I think I've posted the look of my workshop here before but anyhoot I'm posting it again.

These two racks contain the initial samples of the collection I'm working at the moment. It contains all the finished designs for my capsule collection for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 09 as well as some pieces of the same collection but for the store.

For someone who loves minimalist designs I'm pretty much disorganized and messy when I'm designing. I like that all the components, fabrics and whatnots in my working table. I can work on several designs all at one time transferring from one idea to the next. It may all not go into production, and only one piece might be made of a particular design, but it's a necessary process I love doing because it's very important for me to experiment.

Here's my accessory board. I hang some of the pieces I designed for the fall/winter 09 collection. I know it's all black! I usually work initially with just black and then diversify to other colors. Honestly, I'm not a big color fan but I put myself away from my rigid color requirement simply because not all my customers respond to just black or darker palettes. That's why recently I've been pushing myself to try working with prints, colors and less 'dark' stuff.

Near my working table is another rack with vintage clothes, designer pieces and sample fabrics. I collect old stuff designed by my fave designers like Martin Margiela, Helmut Lang, Comme des Garcons, Ann Demeulemeester, etc for technical references. Depending on my mood it gets updated and rotated with my more extensive collection in another cabinet. On the side which you can partially see is another accessories board I haven't used that much so we moved it to Poetry.


Ekra Tan said...

i remember that room!!

fuchsiaboy said...

good memories ba?