Friday, May 08, 2009

Yummy Salad

I can't remember posting a recipe here in my blog so this will be a first. Not everyone knows this but I cook. And I think I cook well since I haven't had complains yet and no one died on me after my cooked meal...yet. And I know how to bake, too. And make chorizo, tapa, tocino - stuff I don't eat anymore.

Anyhoot, one simple thing you can 'cook' is make a salad. I don't know if it's hard to make a nasty salad, hmmm, I mean it's just like making halo-halo.

I've been eating this Smoked Salmon salad lately. What you should do is tear up a couple of lettuce leaves for the green base. Toss some of those purple ones, too. Chop some cucumber, carrots, and tomatoes. If you have sun dried tomatoes then it's much more decadent and sosyal that way. It's more chic if you sun-dried it yourself. Hard boil an egg and chop some smoked salmon. Toss those in the lot. You can add capers, some black olives and cubed cheddar cheese, too. Hmmm what else? Oh, the dressing. In an empty wide mouth bottle put a cup of olive oil, a spoonful of mustard, some honey and a squeeze of lemon. Cover the bottle and shake, shake, shake until it mixes. Put the dressing as desired on the salad. Voila! A delicious and healthy meal.

Or if you're too lazy you can order that in Cafe de la Paix here in SR.


Lyka Bergen said...

Walang fruit salad with condensada?

The Zen Bitch said...

bongga ang ending: plugging ng cafe de la paix! hehehe!