Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Took an overnight boat from Iloilo to Cebu. Had a pleasant sleep.

Had breakfast at Red Ribbon. Their Daing na Bangus is super yummy!

And I just got to have Ube Roll, no? Wala nyan sa Siem Reap, eh. The food I miss!

Went to the malls and did ukay hunting. Random pictures galore. I like the texture of a red Philip Rodriguez dress.

Kakanins! I miss cuchinta with fresh coconut shavings.

The new wing of Ayala mall. Love the whole set-up.

My friends wanted to eat at Casa Verde. They were craving for Bryan's Ribs which is this huge slab of dead meat, este, pork spareribs slathered in tamarind sauce and grilled.

I ordered breaded shrimp, of course.

The next day, we had to try the original Casa Verde.

Reminds me so much of Afrique's, this Italian resto in Iloilo owned by my friend Miguel Cordova.

They again ordered Bryan's Ribs, of course, while I tried this Fish Fillet in White Sauce. Yum!

Had a tour of Cebu. Went to all the malls. I even visited a factory selling buttons for Japan. Of course, I had to buy. A lot! It's hard to find nice buttons in Cambodia. Or maybe, I just don't know where to look. Tita Ivy recommended the button factory to us and she's also the one who brought us to this new mall in Cebu called Parkmall.

One of the cafe's there is called HeBrews. Funny!

Biblical, much?

They've got this wonderful pond with artificial trees. I lyk it very much.

I saw this floor lamp there and I'm so happy it's available here in Siem Reap. Good thing I didn't buy there. I'l be needing that for my displays and set-ups.

We ate here. I forgot the name. It's a very popular place in Manila for drinking.

Me, very hungry already.

That's Tita Jaki, Tita Ivy and Aisha.

I want to go back to Cebu this coming October. :)


Lyka Bergen said...

May nangyari ba sa barko? Charot!

Jase said...

Kau talaga Lyka, bigaon ka!