Monday, July 20, 2009


The Young Designers of Iloilo had a fashion show at Flow and I was lucky to attend it when I was there. I'm quite pleased of how things are going and I really felt proud because I mentored some of them. Here's some of the pieces they showed and my thoughts on their collection which I hope they would take constructively:


She was into dots, bows and layering of raw fabrics. Still very much Angelica when it comes to color and fabrication. She was successful in giving a vibe of this certain girl who's quite girly but a rebel. I wish for her to refine this look and really evolve the whole concept because I think it's wonderful. The quality of construction is very important and not just the whole aesthetic of the look and I felt that she should also focus more on that because she's one of the few young designers I know who can really sew.

Chic, no?

The chartreuse top sure pops out and mixed with blue is simply perfect.

Another fave of mine from her.


Androgynous, rock and monochrome are the preferred catchphrases usually described for Peer's signature looks. His consistency to explore this aesthetic and to be able to churn out successful looks that are wearable but at the same time edgy is something people really have noticed from him.

This sort of minimalist look is quite tricky to pull off and I suggest to Peer that he should be mindful of using better fabrication in some of his pieces to give it more luxe. I felt that some pieces, although quite amazing in pattern, lacked that certain richness and sensuality of feel. Also, one bane for minimalist designers is that a small mistake is quite glaring in a stark design. So keeping the construction clean, clean, clean is the way to go.

His style is something I can relate to since it's quite similar to what I do.

The combo of strict button down shirt with garter jeans pushes this look far from boring.

You can never go wrong with an all-black ensembles which you can separate and mix with other pieces in your wardrobe.


Dodie told me he was inspired by lingerie and ruffles and that's exactly what he did. His collection was most fun because it wasn't overthought.

I can't stress how important it is to look at your collection with an editor's eye and you really have to force yourself to say no when everything is overwrought with elements that simply clutter your whole vision. It's also wise to re-invent elements that you are comfortable using. Like think of other ways on how to use ruffles. This purple dress with the belt is one of my fave simply because it's commercial, wearable but at the same time chic and styled right.


Among the set who showed that night it was Marvin who had a gamut of styles and looks. I think he was successful in showing a lot of ideas and really pushed what can be done: tailoring a soft fabric, draping, accessories, sheer, floral, etc. It reminded me so much of some London designers from the 90's. My only concern is that each ideas of his were never fleshed out to come up with a strong statement that would resonate to be memorable. It's important that a designer's collection should appear as cohesive as possible to make an impact. I suggest he works on one concept to really mine and explore. That way he can slowly develop his signature look and build more strong pieces.

One of my fave from Marvin.

Another one of his interesting looks.


Glam is the alley of Jor-el and he delivered that night. His collection was sensual, sexy and energetic. His mix of jersey in electric blue and ribbed gray exudes the style of Halston during the disco era. His pieces also have lace inserts that amps up the textural factor. I like how some pieces have safety pin beadings. There were feather accessories, and other twined add ons which in my opinion have been signatures of other designers.

There's always that danger of using elements that may deduce people that you've copied from other designers that's why it's important for one to be very conscious of how each outfit is styled. If you've seen it somewhere then I guess it's much better not to use it at all. Of course, nobody can claim originality nowadays but there's a thin line of being inspired and being a Xerox copy of something.

Jor-el's pants is currently the en vogue cut. The ribbed lines gives it a very textural and graphic feel to it.

One piece which mixes lace and draping in electric blue jersey.

All in all, the fashion show and the clothes of the members of Young Designers of Iloilo is more than promising. It's one of their best, so far! It simply shows talent abounds in Iloilo and I simply can't wait to see what they will offer next.


Lyka Bergen said...

I love the concept of the show: hopping in to the bar with that chic entrance and paparazzi shots.

Peer's style temperature is rising!

fuchsiaboy said...

naku you i have to introduce you to the young designers para maka buy ka ng paninda nila lyka!