Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Eating continues. My only brother wanted to treat me to this restaurant called Sprinkles in Roxas because he said I will like it. Ha! I loved it!

We shared a plate of this breaded fish...hmmmm...I forgot what kind but it's one of those trendy fishes in fancy restaurants. Remember sole being the it fish? Well this one replaced sole as the new 'it' fish. I read in the New York Times about it, eh.

This seafood spaghetti is yummy and the garlic rolls were really a nice touch.

Then it's really more fun because of this Apple Pie ala mode. It's so simple to mess an apple pie but this one passed with flying colors. I tasted their butterscotch and I didn't even finish it. Sorry, but I'm snobbish with my butterscotch. The best I've tasted is from Biscocho Haus. But their Silvanas were a revelation. Let's just say I couldn't help gobbling it like crazy.

Here's my brother.

Moi, in front of Sprinkles. A moment of Fashion Diary:

Top: Cabane de Zucca

Pants: something I bought in Boracay years ago

Accessories: Alexander McQueen belt, Longchamp x Jeremy Scott bag, Giordano Concepts shoes


toxic disco boy said...

i wonder kung gano ka dami ang luggage mo when you went here. ;)

fuchsiaboy said...

toxic - i only carry one le pliage bag kaya ;)