Sunday, July 05, 2009

PFW 09- People 3

Some of the guys I snapped with interesting styles.

Andre Chang in an architectural Protacio Empaces jacket and Balenciaga bag. Gosh I know tha B bag is like everywhere but I just can't stop thinking about it. I think I'm getting one...

Jerome Lorico in, I'm guessing, his own design and polka dot Bang Pineda tee. His boots is his own design and I think it's cool.

The always understated Eric de los Santos wearing a Norman Noriega tee. We love Norman and we try to get pieces from him everytime he's got a collection.

Ralph Ng is one designer to watch out for. Very intelligent and serious about his craft I have a piece from him that'l share with you soon. Here you see him in an Emporio Armani jacket and pants of his own design.

And last but not the list is Lotho. His ever evolving, always larger than life everyday wear is a mix of references with a dash of Carrie Bradshaw. Yes, Pat Fields would approve.

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khaz of beautiful things said...

get your own bbag na!