Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Krua Thai

One of my fave resto in Iloilo is Krua Thai. There's some restaurants you're just familiar with their food that you don't even have to look at their menu to order. Krua is one of those places.

It was Jor-el who really asked that we have dinner there because he was craving for Tom Yam, the spicy Thai soup. Funny, Khmer food closely resembles Thai cuisine but less spicy and much much milder in taste, so eating here is just like eating in Siem Reap.

The spicy crispy fish stir fry with herbs is something I haven't tasted in SR or Thailand, though. Instead, it might be an invention of the restaurant using Thai ingredients.

I love crispy calamari. It's like junkfood, no? Anyway, their version has garlic bits encrusted with the batter. So you get that nice garlic flavor with every bite. Simply divine! I shall ask our helper to do that with our crispy squid one time.

Crab meat fried rice compliments all the strong flavors. I was thinking of ordering bagoong rice but I thought with all the strong flavors and spices it would be too overwhelming to taste. The crab rice is much milder in flavor which did make a good canvas for the other dishes.

I look so tired. I think this was the day when I had a whole day of ukay and found like 4 pieces of Comme des Garcons.

I was with Mike and Jor-el. They were showing me their really cute watches. I ended up buying 15 pieces to sell in Poetry.

Apres, we chilled out and chatted some more at Nothing But Desserts. Not really wanting to add more calories, I just nursed a bottle of these iced tea, each worth P120. Ang mahal ha! I like the packaging so much, though.


toxic disco boy said...

4 pieces of comme des garcons???????? omg

fuchsiaboy said...

yep ;)