Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Roxas City

My mom grew up in this city and it holds a very special memory for me despite not living here as a kid. I was born here but we lived in Sigma, a town 30 minutes away from the city and where the family of my father is from. Since it's relatively near we used to go to the beach every weekend. And I'm close to my grannies on my mother's side so definitely the city reminds me so much of them. I also went to school in Roxas during elementary when I was in grade 3 to 6. Then highschool - yes, lots of memory indeed. But now it's where my mom lives with my siblings. And it has become sort of home despite not really being there. One thing about Roxas is that it's so laidback. Mas laidback pa kesa sa Siem Reap. One thing you shouldn't miss doing, and I think that's the only thing worth doing in Roxas, is go to the beach. Yes, it's not white sand and all but it's much cleaner than Boracay (I bet my ass it's less polluted), the sand is much finer, and the slope is quite easier to navigate, making it safer to swim. Oh, I forgot, eating, too, if you are so inclined to taste the bounty of this place dubbed as the 'Seafood Capital of the Philippines'. A typical lunch:

That's sinamak, vinegar with spices to dip...

Oysters! It's cheap, yummy and succulent.

I prefer it with a little soy sauce.

Then you must have sinabawan, maybe blue marlin with radish, tomato and kangkong in broth.

And then don't forget Alimasag (blue swimmer), which is different from crabs or Alimango. This one is much tastier in flavor.

And of course, tomato and onion stuffed squid.

Dieting is never an option.


toxic disco boy said...

san yang roxas? :D and my gawd daw namit gid nang pusit ba.

fuchsiaboy said...

it's the city of Manuel Roxas, the first president of the republic and 2 hours away from Iloilo. I hate to mention it but it's where Mar Roxas' family came from.