Monday, October 05, 2009

Almost Back to Normal

The flood here in Siem Reap mostly affected those living near the river and lower areas where it's the water's natural pathway. Thank God the water went down although a few areas are still flooded including some parts going to my house.

Thus it's pertinent to dress up accordingly given the situation.

Top: Team Manila 'Rizal' shirt

Shorts: DP f/w 08

Accessories: Prada backpack and Havaianas flip flops

Yesterday, we opened Poetry already. Thank goodness water didn't reach inside. We were worried because the Pub Street and The Alley area were flooded.

Here's Faith and Loven at Poetry.

On another note, I've been busy with my preparation for my Phil. Fashion Week spring/summer 2010 capsule collection. Part of the whole collection but not included in the capsule I'm showing is this slouchy piece I call the 'Kiks' tee. It's named after a friend who lives in Hong Kong. He loves Japanese stuff like Muji and Comme des Garcons so it kinda reminded me of him when I was doing the pattern for this piece.

I still have some more pieces to finalize but it has been fun doing this collection. Can't wait to share it with all of you. ;)

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burrito said...

nice! it's like marc jacobs and his BB bag. chos!