Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fashion Diary : Flooded 02/10/09

Ahoy from waterworld Siem Reap!

Decided to go to work today so a little fashion diary is in order, non?

Top: DP shirt f/w 09

Shorts: DP shorts f/w 08

Accessories: Havaianas flip flops and Longchamp bag

I instantly noticed the water is little higher than yesterday.

My tuktuk driver a bit worried that his moto will die down on us.

Although, the water buffaloes doesn't seem to mind the flood.

Not like this woman who cursed a passing moto for driving too fast, making a splashy wave to her.

I prayed a silent prayer that I won't have to go down the murky water again like yesterday.

The tuktuk couldn't take the rising water. I decided it's futile to go to work because the water is still going up and I don't want to be stuck in the hotel. I'd rather be at home. So we turned back and that's how I ended up blogging about it. I do hope the water goes down soon. People need to get back to their normal lives.

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burrito said...

omg, i love your bag. close-up pic please? :)