Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bangok Preview

I'm obsessed about that alien.

We got to see this really cool exhibit.

Between the rush from here and there Kawadjan and I had the time to werq the DP Kawadjan cardigan I gave him. He's also wearing a DP reworked tee.

We also had to 'travel' for this charming restaurant of his friend. We too a cab, rode the BTS, took another cab, rode a tuktuk to arrive there. Don't mind Kawadjan's lockjaw pose. You do know why it's like that, non? He's back to normal, thankfully.

Really charming place.

That alien is so inspiring.

As well as Bubu Bear and Cherry (that is what I call it).

and this weird chair.

Then I attended the Bangkok Church of Christ for the first time.

And saw the new location of wwa.

And enjoyed wonderful dimsum with K at Marina.

See K's account here of my Bangkok visit.

Will update more soon.


kawadjan said...

Thanks again for the cardigan! I love it more than I love you. Choz!

Fierce photos you've got there. Sabik akong inaabangan ang pagbalik mo sa City of Angels.

toxic disco boy said...

taray ng mga photos niyo! and am in love with ur margiela! orange! iLovette.

Lyka Bergen said...

Payat na sya ha!

kiel estrella said...


ayheytchu. kala ko ba sama kami ni g dyan sa lakad na yan?

toxic disco boy said...

i really enjoyed ur collection! we finally met. haha. i made a review on my blog. ^^