Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eric Raisina's Love for Silk

Last week the day before I went to Bangkok I attended the opening exhibit of the inspiring works of silk by Eric Raisina.
Fresh from showing in New York, he's back in Siem Reap to share the pieces that he showed there. Eric with her muse Sray Pov, a Cambodian supermodel in the making.
Eric's genius is really the wonderful textiles he designs.
Amazing pieces!
It's all hand worked so it's really chic.
One chic bride would look stunning on this white ensembles.
I dubbed this as the 'phoenix'.
The McDermott Gallery played host to the exhibit and AHA of Hotel de la Paix served the delish cocktails.

Bina, the curator of the gallery.
Lily of the Phnom Penh Post and Nick, gm of Hotel de la Paix.
The design assistant of Eric
Bruce & Ketana of Sugar Palm
Lady guest and Sieng of La Volpaia
Hotel de la Paix guys: Rinna (Director of Food & Beverage), Christian (Sales Director) & Bryan (Executive Sous Chef)
A guest, Annete and Cinta
Cinta and moi.


kawadjan said...

Gasp! That Sray Pov is my long lost sister.

Valentine said...

BTW, out of my excitement.. I totaly forgot to ask where I might be able score tickets to your show. Let me know? Otherwise.. Id prolly have to gatecrash my way in. lol. shameless, I know.


fuchsiaboy said...

sray pov is so you K.

valentine, please leave your names here so i can put it on my guest list. thanks.

toxic disco boy said...

don! can i be part of ur guest list? ^^