Friday, October 02, 2009


The clock at the Siem Reap airport couldn't put it more succintly about the flood situation here. Although it has gone down, some parts of the town has still flooding up to the knee. It's enough to dampen your spirit and your outfit, too. Anyway, tomorrow will be a working day and I've decided it's too much of an enforced holiday for moi in the house. I need to get back to my regular routine and also to the gym even if I have to lag a maleta of shoes and other arsenals, non? My friends are also coming here on Tuesday from the Philippines and I really pray by that time I can show them a beautiful town and not some flood ravaged one.

Let's eat some Royce', instead of worrying too much, non?

A few moons ago Eliz, Loven and moi had to buy some dress form mannequins for Poetry and Wanderlust so we had to go to this housing development about 20 minutes from center town. Here, it's a bit far given no traffic and all the minor inconvenience you experience like in a city.


Loven some golf poses.

It's almost like a ghost town.

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