Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fashion Diary: vintage Jil Sander

If I remember correctly, this is the first white button down I got from Jil Sander. With the release of her +J line for Uniqlo, her fans were overjoyed to discover she hasn't veered away from her minimalist aesthetic.

I was discussing with Kiks the other day if we should get something from the collab line even though most pieces look the same with what Uniqlo stocks. As reported Jil didn't use much technical fabrics, quite reasonably given the $30-$150 price points, which would jack up the price. She stuck with cotton, linen, canvas, velvet and some nylon to craft a well edited line.

Kiks will check out the line this weekend and I hope he finds a suitable jacket. He did see the Kiminori Morishita x Uniqlo collab when he was in Tokyo but didn't find anything suitable for his frame. Morishita is known for surplus & miltary inspired collection, a style I've loved since I discovered Helmut Lang. And speaking of HL, I dread the day he would collaborate with some highstreet brand.

Top: Jil Sander button down shirt

Bottom; DP pants

Shoes: Adidas

Bracelet: Loven Ramos Earth Project


toxic disco boy said...

hype! this is so cute. the pop of color of the green shoes is kawaii.

becx said...

I was initially devastated that Sander was collaborating with ANYONE. Few designer/high street marriages do either party huge favours, other than the advance afforded the former, and I advise clients to tread with caution. However this is such a great brand fit - not only because of the shared austerity that indemnifies against alienating either customer set. Looking forward to hearing your futher thoughts. (Love your BKK posts - saved in my favourites!)

fuchsiaboy said...

toxic - i somehow like darker shades of green and fatigues. my dream is to acquire all the helmut lang military pieces and maybe one of balenciaga's slouchy military pants.

becx - well, i guess it works because jil sander doesn't design for her brand anymore so this makes it purely jil and not some watering down of her aesthetic. i have to see the collection myself to judge if it's worth buying. the thing about jil sander's minimalism is the fabric experimentation unparalleled in fashion. Raf seems to be pushing the boundaries of what can be done but there's always that sense of nostalgia to the original designer. Same with Helmut Lang, the Colovos are doing good with the brand but I still hanker for the old Helmut because it's Helmut.