Monday, October 05, 2009


Patti Smith wading on an inflatable kids pool.

The picture encapsulates the mood of the collection of being carefree, relaxed, playful, nonchalant, and child-like without looking immature or a caricature. The last thing on my mind in making my clothes is to make it appear like a costume. The picture inspired the easy spirit of my pieces while retaining that raw, innocent sexuality that comes by being confident about ones body. It's never about vulgarity. It's about pure sensuality in a funny sort of way.


Valentine said...

Sooo looking forward to your collection. I mean, judging from the inspiration you chose... its must be something epic.. that i'll adore.


fuchsiaboy said...

hope you like what im showing ;)

Valentine said...

so excited na! :-)

Giancinephile said...

Gotta love Patti! haha