Tuesday, November 24, 2009

at Jojie Lloren and Barrio Fiesta

This piece of artwork intrigued, moi.

And so is this sculpture. Both pieces at Jojie Lloren's atelier. I forgot to ask the names of the artists, sayang. Gosh, the place looks chic. Didn't have the chance to explore it thoroughly. Maybe next time, non? Reminds me of the house of my grandparents.

Jojie was so nice to welcome us. We were there to pick something he's given to Bo.

Apres, Sherwin and Ria invited us for dinner at Barrio Fiesta. We were craving for something Pinoy, especially moi. I was just dying to eat bangus!

We got crispy pata, daing na bangus (TDF)...


and pinaputok na tilapia sa dahon ng saging (that's grilled tilapia wrapped in banana leaf, for my non-Filipino friends). It's so yummy-est! We ordered like 3 bowls of rice. That night I welcomed obesity back into my arms.

I often wonder if this bahay kubo look best represents the Filipino culture. Is this Filipino? I wonder what my non-Pinoy friends would say if I bring them for dinner at Barrio Fiesta. In our barrio, the houses sure hell doesn't 'feel' like that. Whatevs...

We were so hungry we've grown fangs. Very New Moon, non?

Let's just say we wiped the table clean. I swear we inhaled the food. Thanks Ria and Sherwin for the treat ;)

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