Sunday, November 29, 2009


It's where all the dirty works happen.

It's easy to criticize a collection while you're sitting pretty reviewing each looks as it walk on the runway. If you're backstage, the effort of each designers presenting becomes magnified. Yeah, sure, there's really seriously ugly stuff being conjured up. It all boils down to taste and style, I guess. But it's all hard work for everyone and I can't help but be sorry for some who just misses the point about their collections. Not that I'm saying I have the best collection, no, it's just basic knowledge of trend, proportion, fabrication and a little bit of being humble what one can achieve in terms of constructing clothes, non? I don't think there is anything remotely haute couture in Pinas.

Hair and make-up takes a lot of time. Models get so bored but that's work.

A runway rehearsal.

Just minutes before the show designers showing gets so nervous and the air feels electric.

There's always last minute changes and adjustments. I had to re-style my own collection myself. Was Boy Scout so I was one of the first backstage during my show date like 6 hours before. Designers who were late were scrambling to organize their line-up while I was sipping Starbucks frappe. I even squeezed in buying a vintage Vivienne Westwood bag. Lol!


toxic disco boy said...

of course am copying you! haha. ur like a big inspiration. hihi. i might be giving u the westwood since I'm a big bag kind of girl. haha. marami actually VW fannypacks dun... may browns and black. only 400. winner diva?

fuchsiaboy said...

we should check out that store next time ;)