Monday, November 23, 2009

Meeting Gibo

While in Manila, I was lucky to meet my jetsetting friend, G, fresh from his trip in San Francisco and Hong Kong. Let's just say it's hard to fit in my schedule with his schedule. Alam naman natin ang buhay socialite (sya), book opening here, feeding program there, circumcision of indigenous kids now, wine&dine tonight. Mabuti na lang at pinaunlakan nya na kitain ako. Add to that his obsession now with his apartment. He recently moved to a new one and once the decorating bug hits you, hay naku, it's hard to stop nesting. Actually, after our meeting he's going to the grocery to stock up on some important stuff like gerber, cerelac, diapers, tiki-tiki etc. I presume he's got a baby hidden somewhere, non?

Let me just say the Starbucks chocolate cake (Faith's favorite) tasted sinful as it looked. Thank goodness, I shared a slice with Bo and Jerson. Anyway, the first pic is of G wearing the DP shirt I named for him. I also named a tee for Kiks, a cardigan for Kawadjan, a shorts for Khaz and a deep V-neck tee for Lyka. The hoodie top of the G shirt features an extended collar so when not worn as a hoddie it sits on the neck like a regular collar. I'm really glad G loves my design for him. I really thought it's very him.

When he passed by HK, he had the heart to bring the stuff I've been dying to get from my HK BFF, Kiks. The first issue of Vogue Hommes Japan with Ash Stymest on the cover...

and the 3rd issue, all hand carried from Japan. That completes the 3 issues of Vogue Hommes Japan that's published so far. I plan to collect.

Add to that Kiks also got me this red Muji sneaker when he was there a couple of months ago. He totally enjoyed Japan so much that he plans to go back again. I haven't been there but I hope someday I get the chance to see it.

G didn't come empty handed. He hand carried this Marc by Marc Jacobs rain boots for moi from San Francisco! It's mental, right? I'll wade in flood water in style, non? Love, love, love the stuff guys!

To G and Kiks, I really appreciate all the gifts and that you really know what I like.


khaz of beautiful things said...

fasyon! uy i blogged about your clothes na. i hope i did justice to your designs wehehe

fuchsiaboy said...

love how you wore it! ;)

toxic disco boy said...

bongga! ganda nung boots.

kawadjan said...

Sa wakas nasilayan ko rin ang ngiti ni G.

Lyka Bergen said...

Kaye has his Cardigan na, G is wearing his DP Shirt. and Khaz his shorts. Kelan kaya makarating dito ang Lyka Tee?

fuchsiaboy said...

toxic - super cuteness!

k - very la gioconda ang effect, non?

lykabear - um, naghihintay sya ng iyong pagdating dito sa SR.