Monday, November 16, 2009

At Puey's show and other stuff

While in Manille, I had the chance to go around the malls. Greenbelt seems to be a sensible area to hang around if you've got nothing to do.

We checked out the different stores there like Myth, which sells RTW pieces by Jojie Lloren, Louis Claparols, Joey Samson, Ivarluski Aseron, etc. There weren't many styles, though, which defeats the purpose of venturing into ready-to-wear, non? I also liked Adora with a more eclectic and international offering like Dior Homme, Comme des Garcons perfume (!), Missoni, etc. At least meron ng ganun sa Manila. The picture above was taken at Firma's window display. Cute, isn't it?

Greenbelt 5 is nice in the evening. We passed by a Paul Smith event but we're too shy to crash.

This latest Philippine fashion week saw the appearance of many celebrities on the runway. That's actually Robin Padilla for Lee. We also saw the runway of Bench with a bunch of stars from ABS-CBN and GMA 7. Penshoppe had Victor Basa and Akihiro Sato. There was another brand that had other action stars, basketball players and the requisite teen stars. Even M Baretto had Jake Cuenca and other male heartthrobs. I don't know if it's good although it brings in the crowd. It rather distracts from the clothes, I think.

Bumped into designer Ralph Ng outside Puey Q.'s show.

Also, Angel Buenaventura...

Stylish sisters Kimi and Boop Yap...

and sat front row with Philip Tampus, Yasmin Kurdi and her really nice friend.

See the collection of Puey's collection here.

One of my newest is Lucille Dizon who wore my hoodie/cape and tank from spring/summer 2010. She wore the cape inverted and I just love it!

I always find it interesting to see my clothes being incorporated into individual styles by those who buy it.

Bo Parcon and Eric de los Santos, Ilonggo designers par excellance.

Stylist Shahani Gania.

Stylist RXCY Bautista with Bo.

Oh, and what a perfect way to cap the day than by devouring a box of Royce*, di bala?


Anonymous said...

It was rather interesting for me to read that post. Thanks for it. I like such topics and everything connected to this matter. I would like to read more soon.

Lyka Bergen said...

I agree with Anon.

Anonymous said...

Looooove my hoodie Don! So versatile! :)

-Lucille Dizon

fuchsiaboy said...

anon, lyka - thanks!

lucille - glad you liked my stuff ;)