Sunday, November 08, 2009


Philippine Fashion Week for spring/summer 2010 started last October 21 and ended October 27. I was in Manila October 20 because my dear friend Bo Parcon requested that I'd be there for his first showing in PFW. My presentation of my own collection was slated October 26, so I practically ended up watching and helping with the shows and presentations of my friends.

Fashion Diary muna: T-shirt by Maison Martin Margiela, DP pants, Muji shoes and Longchamp bag. The clothes I packed for the trip were 3 MMM AIDS tee, 2 DP pants, 1 Muji shoes and a polkadot sweater/tee combo that I bought in Bangkok. I purposely limited bringing a lot of stuff because I expected 'loots' from a lot of friends. Will update more of those loots in my coming posts.

Bo and Jerson was with me from day 1. I actually enjoyed not having a hectic time with them, just milling around MOA and do malling. Past fashion weeks I'm so harrassed coordinating everything about my collection and presentation I never have time to see the shops and do a bit of shopping. I ended up buying Bo a silver Adidas hightops he liked so much.

I also had fun times with THE Veejay Floresca, Project Runway Season 1 finalists. He's such a kind soul and so easy to be with. He even brought me home one time when I didn't know how to go home in the new place we stayed in Makati.

Aside from Bo, another newbie in PFW is Philip Tampus, another finalists of PR Season 1. I assisted him in his presentation and line-up backstage because I remember my first time and it was certainly nerve wrecking not knowing the protocols and rules. I hoped I helped him enough to make his PFW experience a memorable one.

Bo Parcon with models wearing his creations.

Veejay Floresca's designs. He specifically instructed that the ears should go under the headbands.

Aside from our own collections, some of the designers also created one outfit made of traditional handwoven Philippine fabrics provided by the Fiber Industry Development Authority.

Our young designer friends Angel Tan and Peer Banas, and our doctor friend Mikki Licop, were also constantly our companion during the week. It was Angel and Peer's first time to attend the shows and I expect they'd be inspired to present their own collections soon.

Peer and moi (in DP s/s 2010 hoodie/cape, DP 'Lyka' tee, pants and Longchamp x Jeremy Scott 'stomp' Le Pliage bag.

Please see more images here.


Lyka Bergen said...

Could you pls ask La Bolivar and Rocky Salumbides to model the DP Lyka tees for me? Chos!

fuchsiaboy said...

bakit sila pa eh andito naman ako?