Saturday, February 14, 2009

Angkor Trade Festival

Traders and selected shops gathered recently in the Raffles garden to showcase their wares and merchandise. There were few that caught my attention. One of those was this booth selling fabrics and clothes in natural dye and cotton.

They have cute children's clothes.

Very Eairth lite. I almost bought that stripe pants on the right.

They have a cute tepee set-up...

which was a big hit with our little dragon emperor. It retails for $150.

Needless to say, it was a cooperative run by Japanese. I will be using their fabrics in my future collections.

Another booth that got me excited is this one which sells rugs made of cotton refuse from garment manufacturers.

The colors were amazing. It's made in Poipet which is the border town before going to Bangkok. Loven is thinking of using them for some furniture designs because the rugs are so plush. And washable too since it's made of cotton.

The only stuff I got was this knitted scarf from another booth selling small accessories. Can't wait to use it when the cold spell comes again.

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