Sunday, February 15, 2009

Siem Reap Suitcase Sale

My friend Eliz and moi got to talking one day and we thought it was a great idea to have a garage/flea market event in the 'Alley', the area where her store, Wanderlust, was located (we will be neighbors soon!).

She got to talking with Loven and the next thing you know we were inviting our friends for the first ever Siem Reap Suitcase Sale.

It was so exciting! I was selling my clothes for 2 pieces a dollar. Needless to say I was swamped with eager buyers.

My friend Vince helped me mind the merchandise of Loven and Sarah. He was also shopping and nabbed a really cool shades, a tee from Germany, a couple of graphic tops and other junks.

Everyone was in good spirit. Eliz played some cool tunes from her iPod. There was a part there when everyone started grooving and dancing to the music.

Loven was offering his bag samples, candle holders and dvd's for swap or sell.

"Will change 10 DVD's for Paris Hilton's sex video!" cracked everyone.

Sarah offered gently worn shoes like her Giordano Concepts sneakers (it would have been mine if it fitted me!). She also unloaded some of her winter clothes which bafflingly enough a number got snapped up! So if I see somebody wearing a fur trimmed dress here in Siem Reap I know where they got it.

Pot brownies, beer cakes and an assorted of cupcakes were also sold. Tennis rackets, Angkor What t-shirts, gaming consoles, wristwatches, old books, wooden shoes, postcards, everything and anything except the kitchen sink were sold.

The accessories corner of Eliz's junk was very popular. She was selling accessories from Kate Spade, Subversive by Justine Guinta, Gucci, etc. all priced between $2- $5! Dirt cheap! I got a few items from there that I will post in the next entry.

We plan to have another one in March.


kawadjan said...

mukhang ang saya! talagang mega pauso ka na dyan sa SR ha. winner! i'd love to visit you one day.

Holly Grabarek said...

oh my god, how fun!!

The Zen Bitch said...

wow... sabihan mo ako when the next sale is going to be... i'm just a bus ride away... atak ako, promise!

fuchsiaboy said...

k - sabi na kasing punta ka na dito. basta ako i visited you na sa bkk.

holly - we miss you!

zb - dala ka rin ng paninda mo! hehehe

The Zen Bitch said...

hahaha! goh!