Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dinner at Sothea

My friend Sarah and Faith, the general manager and sales manager, respectively, of the newly opened Sothea, invited moi and several chic Siem Reap-ers for an intimate dinner and tour of the property.

Fresh from the Suitcase Sample Sale, my friend Eliz and moi, were wearing a couple of what we got. Hers was a sexy, secretary dress that she asked me to cut the sleeves off. Very Imitation of Christ. Mine was the Jennifer Scott strass collier that I love, love love! It was a tad feminine with the way I styled it with my DP droopy top. But, what the heck, it was dinner anyway.

Of course, I was coveting Eliz' Balenciaga bag. It's exactly the Balenciaga bag that I want, from the color to the style.

The dinner was lovely. We started with Squash Soup with Basil and Coconut Cream. For my main I had this Stir Fried Fish Fillet with Spices.

I love this dessert! It's my fave of the meal. A jack fruit flan with sour sup sauce and passion fruit sorbet. Divine! An explosive medley of flavors!

Here's Eliz with Sarah and Faith. Congratulations for the opening of Sothea!

Bina, Stuart, Loven, John, John's friend from UAE and the very pregnant Narisa.

I took pictures of the property and I'l share it with you next.

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