Monday, February 23, 2009

Food stuff

I love food. Sorry, Kawadjan, I promised to go on a diet but when food is placed in front of me the resolve not to eat crumbles and I just have to indulge. Good thing Gibo is there for another moral support. Hehehehe! Anyway, pips my friend Olive cooked her speciality, shrimp with coconut cream and pineapple. Delish, I'm telling you. The sauce is so good with rice. Needless to say, I was stuffed to the brim after our meal.

We also had this saba fish fillet ala sisig. It was Loven who discovered that flaking grilled saba plus some onions and spices tasted like sisig. My mouth is watering while I'm writing this. The smoky flavor complements th creamy taste of the fish. We all just love it.

Recently, there's a new pizza place that opened at the Alley area, New York Pizza. I heard it's a chain from Singapore. It was sufficient but not something I'd recommend as a must-try. They have free wiFi so it's a nice hang-out place. The food was nothing great. Not horrible but...

The seafood pasta.

Onion rings

German sausage pizza. Faith said it was so-so.

Meatball pasta.

I'll give them time and try eating there again.


Ekra Tan said...

gaga ka talaga!
paano na lang ang frugal eating diet ko!

kawadjan said...

ano ba yan!? title pa lang eh i felt one kg heavier. tapos i read the post pa talaga eh parang 10 kgs kaagad. nandadamay ka eh! tse!

[G] said...

as usual, ignore kawadjan. we only live once dahling. enjoy!

fuchsiaboy said...

ekra - nagdadiet din pala ang mga mukhang street child?

K - inggit ka lang kasi mami lang palagi ang hinihigop mo. tse!

(G)- salamat ate. although ayoko ko naman maging kasing laki mo. hahahaha!

Ekra Tan said...

gaga! street child si kawdjan yan!

pang empre state building ang lola mo! chos

malunod kasa sa tokwa at ginataan!!!