Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Marc Bag and other stuff

This is the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag I bought last year in Manila. It's obviously very Margielic from the color to the cute trompe l'oeil effects.

The coated canvas material seems very fragile and paper-y. So far I don't see any 'damage' to it unlike my CDG x H&M polka dot bag.

I'm planning to get another MbyMJ tote although I really don't need another one. This one I hardly even use.

The lining and label inside. So cute, no?

My obsession for a Balenciaga bag inspired Loven to make this bag for moi. So funny!

I really don't have the money to splurge on expensive bags. It's also quite naive to spend so much on luxury goods now that the economy is not that healthy.

The tote can be reversed with an 'iron and sickle' print. Communism vs Consumerism?

I don't really need another bag, seriously. Here's another bag I haven't been using although I love it. It was designed by my friend Jor-el. It's waterproof, made of tarp material. I think it's really a chic beach bag for guys like me who hates 'tropical' inspired stuff.

I can't wait to see his new designs using some woven chrome silver material.

Lastly, I love these two necklaces that Sarah gave me. Very Biba-ish or Ann D.-esque.

Except for the Marc tote the rest were given to me as gifts. Don't you just love receiving gifts?


beautiful things // beautiful minds said...

nice bags. i'm a balenciaga and marc jacobs freak myself :)

[G] said...

tama na ang mga bags na yan. mahirap ang buhay. pero tell loven i love his bag and i want one for myself. ipadala kay lyka. kapalit nyan ay ang CDG mo!

fuchsiaboy said...

bt//bm - don't we just love beautiful things conjured by beautiful minds?

g - weeeehhhhhhhh! salamat sa comme des garcons! hehehe. i will give you one of loven's bag.

Ekra Tan said...

ang dami mo ng excess baggage sa buhay mo. panty naman kaya i collect mo... CHOS!