Monday, April 06, 2009

Ace, Mike and Rey

My workasonic friends (left to right) Ace, Rey and Mike, proud members of the Longanisa Traveling Extravaganza, finally arrived here in cosmo - Siem Reap for a much needed rest & recreation, among other things, palangga. It was veritable red carpet treatment the moment they went out of their plane from polluted Bangkok. I wonder how can Ms. Kawadjan live there on such conditions? Oh, wait, sanay pala sya sa squatters. Chos! Anyhoot, I'm sure the aroma of jasmine and lemon grass that I specifically asked my driver to scent the car rejuvenated them in no time. We were then whisked to the tres, tres chic Hotel de la Paix while enjoying a bottle of water drawn by a virgin lass from a stream on the French alps and some cold towels.

Upon arrival, the three stooges, este, my three friends wasted no time in checking their cameras.

Alam mo naman, part of traveling are the photos you took. How else can you brag about it and make your friends go green with envy back home?

Oh, instead of checking his camera Rey decided to pose...

and pose.

Until dinner at Viroth's, he still posed. Now that's a dedicated poser. Chos! I told Rey he's my new BFF coz he's got lots of money, este, lots of stories to tell.

Faith, wearing a Vivienne Westwood tee and Subversive by Justin Guinta neckpiece, with muy simpatico, Ace, my 'friend for all seasons'. I can't wait to share with all of you the gifts he gave me. In another blog entry, promise. Galante ang lolo! Don't you just love his Koh Samui tan?

Never mind my constipated look. I swear it was so hot that night even though I'm wearing my cotton slashed back Romeo Gigli shirt with Tina Daniac wood chain. Practically my whole back was exposed! Anyway, palanggas, on my side is my 'mega' friend Mike, who looks Botoxed here. Uy, aminin! Hahahaha! That's the El Nido look. I'm so happy they took the time to visit me here in SR coming from different places.

Loven was there, too, to join in the conversations and updating about their lives. Apres, we had drinks at Eliz's birthday party on the rooftop bar of Soria Moria. Of course, I introduced them to SR's who's who and who's not. Bwahahaha! What a way to spend their first day here in Angkor, nes't-ce pas?


Jase/"Gayzha" said...

Indeed, you are sooo blessed you've met the three sisters! More photos and stories please!

Lyka Bergen said...

Cute yung Ace ha... kaya lang medyo majubis! Tse!

Anonymous said...

Miss ko na cla.. Bakit wala ang photos from Amansara? I love the poses there heheheh

Ekra Tan said...

*bwoh...bwoah... bwoahhhhhhh!!!!!!*

mrs.j said...

hmmm super bet ko talaga yung ace... shhh quiet lang ha :P

fuchsiaboy said...

jase - blessed? parang mali yata. hehehe cursed? hehehe

lyka - pretty magkakasundo kayo nyang ace na yan. pramis! ma-emote din sya like you.

anonymous - check ko sa ila ang pics.

ekra - im sure si mike crush mo no?

mrs. j - aba eh unahan mo na si lyka!