Monday, April 13, 2009

My Hotel de la Paix Room

At least once a month I get to stay at one of Hotel de la Paix's room. I guess, it's part of familiarizing employees with what the hotel can offer, no? Makes sense. One thing luxurious about the hotel is the softest pillows and comforter they use. It's like sinking in cotton candy or clouds. For a non-hotel lover like myself, I tend to errr...namamahay?, I only get comfortable sleeping in a place after like a day or two, the comfort factor of the bed is important. And it's white because I dread sleeping using printed sheets. So ewwww...

That's my Vivienne Westwood bag there. The room is pretty minimal. An iPod with pre-selected tunes and dock is provided in the room. Many of our guests simply just love the music selection they end up buying the iPods.

It has flat screen tv, too.

Seating area near the wide windows.

The tub and the wash basin area. On the left is the closet area and on the right is the shower and toilet.

The toilet and across it is the shower.


kawadjan said...

i love the tub! pwedeng paglabhan ng mga lampin!

Lyka Bergen said...

I agree! I agree with the pillows and the comforter!

fuchsiaboy said...

k - naman. lavacara!

lyka - di bala it's so soft?