Thursday, April 16, 2009

Camera Necklace

Kawadjan sent me another wacky thing from Bangkok. It's this camera necklace. It has a little flash light in the front. Mainam pag black-out or sa madidilim na lugar.

Not only that, it's also a lighter. Omg! I really didn't know until after several days when I tinkered with it. Buti di ako nasunog. K is so sweet, he remembered I liked it so much. My last visit in Bangkok I begged this lady to sell me her camera neckpiece that she used for styling her merchandise. This is where K got this 'transformer' cardigan. Aba, ayaw! She wouldn't sell it to me. She said it's her goodluck charm. May ganun talaga sa Bangkok.

Here's the two necklace I got from Kawadjan. Lyka brought the camera and Ladang the fishbone. Thanks guys!


kawadjan said...

Ay di ka nasunog sa lighter? Shit, yun pa naman ang plan. Oh well.

At saang madidilim na sulok ka na naman pupunta, aber?

fuchsiaboy said...

tse mo. buti na lang di ako nasunog.

secret na yung mga sulok. agawin mo pa kung andito ka.

Al said...

Hi! I know this is really rude and everything when you don't know me but I was hoping you could help..

someone recently gave me the camera necklace you have featured on your blog. The torch works perfectly and for maybe the first five minutes I had it, when I pressed on the button for the lighter, it depressed perfectly and I could hear a click and see a spark but no flame (I'm assuming that's because it doesn't have gas though I don't know how to check it yet) But now I can no longer press the button down at all so I'm thinking I probably engaged a safety lock accidentally? The person who gave it to me doesn't know about anything about it but she says that it worked before it ended up in my hands.. so I was just wondering if you'd know how to use the necklace properly (ie. turn the safety lock on/off, refill the gas chamber)

Sorry for taking up your time!!

fuchsiaboy said...

Hi Al. I have to check. But knowing me I'm so not into tinkering stuff also. ;)