Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Angkor trip of Ace, Rey and Mike

A trip to Cambodia wouldn't be complete without checking out the world's biggest temple complex, nes't-ce pas? And that's what my friends Ace, Rey and Mike did for two days that they were here in Siem Reap. Definitely, they were blown away by the sheer and raw beauty of Angkor Wat. Our first order of the day was to explore the Angkor Thom complex built by the egocentric king, Jayavarman the VII.

Angkor Thom is basically a walled city during its time. Much like Intramuros, no? But, palanggas, not that I look down on our own race but there's nothing on us like the way the Khmers did it here. One of the entrances had a series of carved Apsaras (like a celestial being similar to angels) on one side and demons on the other, greeting you like massive stone soldiers. Ace and Mike had a field day taking photographs while Rey still posed like there's no tomorrow. Why take pictures when you have two photographers to take your pictures, di bala?

The chicness factor was just unstoppable. Elephants roam the ground like what I imagine during olden times when it was the transportation du jour. We got the chance to ride an elephant going up to Bakheng temple later that day. You have to try it, palanggas!

Our tour guide seems keen on making us lose weight because he decided to let us climb that effin wall because he said it will look good on the pictures.

Never mind my un-chic look (izzue tee, DP pants, Converse and AA gym bag). I don't own a YSL safari suit yet but I imagine it would be perfect here. But I look so effortless there but I'm telling you it's scary being on top of some ancient crumbling wall. I don't think it's fierce being squashed by that huge face, no?

Here's the three on their last night here. Apres spa, we had dinner at the fab, fab, fab Meric. They decided to wear coordinated black outfits because they like to think they're in a boyband, este, slimming daw. Etchos!

I'm so glad their trip here was fun. I mean Rey bought some major artworks (didn't I tell you he's loaded?chos!) and I think he plans to acquire some more (Love you BFF! Bwahahaha!). Mike had some nirvanic encounter on top of Bakheng temple while the sun sets on the horizon (You almost forgot we were there with you, di bala? But I understand my mega friend) and Ace had the pleasure of meeting me (Hahahaha! Despite the serene nature of your trip here it was a much needed respite before the rockin' and rollin' encounters you had in Iloilo! hihihi). I was just talking to my friend for all seasons yesterday and he's got some post vacation blues. I honestly, truly understand, palanggas. I always get sad when my vacation ends.

Anyhoot, that's all the pictures I've got of their trip here. The rest I still haven't got because they promised me they will give a cd copy. But I try not to expect anything. Di bala Mike, Ace and Rey? Hehehehe Tsika lang!

I'l update you soon about our other misadventures once I get the picture files from them. You wouldn't wanna miss our Lifestyle Asia and jumping shots.


The Zen Bitch said...

bonggah! wish ko lang naka-join ako... kelangan kasi unahin ang raketry... alam mo na, strike while the curling iron is hot... ang layo ka rin kasi, chos!

kawadjan said...

Jumping shots? Can we have some originality here? Hmp!

BTW, at least naman nagka-culture ang vacay nila coz haler, Thailand was pure debauchery kaya. Choz!

fuchsiaboy said...

zb - ang sabihin mo busy ka sa boylet mo! tse!

k - dahling, our jumping shots at angkor wat was different. at mabuti na lang they came here kasi puro harutan ang ginawa nila dyan sa bkk.