Sunday, April 12, 2009


Besides work, which takes up most of my time, I've been busy with another project. We call it Poetry. Loven, Faith and I have done some retail projects before for Hafa Adai (Ilonggos, remember that place) and Wicked, Faith's very first boutique. Coming here in Siem Reap we had the chance to try it out with the One Shop, which I've blogged about countless of times. It has been great with One Shop despite the recession and, really, for me, a nice diversion outside of work.

So when a chance for us to find a space in the Alley West, the emerging hippest area of SR, we grabbed the opportunity to have a bigger playground for our art, designs and concepts. It's not finished yet. There's so much more to fix like the area at the back and the 2nd floor. The image above is the first that Loven has taken of the main area. You can see a sampling of my clothes, some stuff from Loven and his artworks. We called it Poetry because we believe there's something poetic in everything that we do.

Tell you more about Poetry, soon.

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