Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vogue Hommes Japan no.2

My spoiler Eliz got me this in Tokyo, also. The first issue I'm dying to get which a friend promised to get me. I hope to check it out soon, smell the pages, and not like see it all over the net from all the hundreds of posts from fashion bloggers. Iba talaga yung actual magazine in your hands and you read it while you crap. Opps! Too much info there. hehehe!

The issue is stunning and inspirational. The Hedi Slimane portfolio is so damn good.

I really respect the vision of Hedi.

This fashion ed reminded of Kawadjan. He would totally dig the clothes, I guess. Don't you just love the bright colors? I especially like the fuchsia pink suit, of course.

One of my fave features was this thing: Jun Takahashi of Undercover wrote Marc Jacobs a little note. Hmmmm...Do I smell a collaboration in the near future, for Louis Vuitton, perhaps? OMG! That will be something.

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