Monday, April 27, 2009

Drink with friends

It's good to make new friends especially cool ones.

Here's Franco who can definitely rock some of my designs. He actually bought a piece from me which he totally carried so well.

Maan here is an AV producer for a media company in Phnom Penh. She bought some stuff, too. She told me that the bag she bought that Loven designed got positive attention from her friends. We're cooking something up and I'll tell you more about it when everything is finalized.

Franco and Maan are based in Phnom Penh, which is a good 6 hours by car from Siem Reap. The mini vacation was with their Khmer friends Noh (bought some notebooks and bag, I think) and Sophea...

and Zach, who's American, and here with Pilo, who's based here in SR.

Thanks guys for treating me on the drinks. Loved the conversation. Next time, again. ;)


kawadjan said...

Noh is gorgeous. Pilo is a dream. Tulo laway. Yun na.

kawadjan said...

Ok, one more comment... thank God you've stopped writing about food!

At least it is about gorgeous men for once!

Ay ewan, I'm hyperventilating over Noh and Pilo talaga.

Ang gamot ko Inday, ang gamot!

beautiful things said...

ay mga gwapo.

[G] said...

Noh said he is going to marry me.

fuchsiaboy said...

aba at ang comments ng entry na ito?!

k - siem reap kasi is quality over quantity.

beautiful things - oh, them?

g - how in the world di noh know you? hmmm...

kiel estrella said...

kami ni zach - soulmates. we are reincarnations of alexander and hephaestion. and achilles and patroclus before that! i swear i knew it the second i saw his picture.

(i'm such a potato queen)

Lyka Bergen said...

Si Noh ba yang naka black? Oh Noh!!!!!!