Saturday, April 25, 2009

DP stuff: Pencil Case

Made of black canvas, my pencil case is kinda 'home economics' inspired.

I'm not into full production on this one but I plan to make some more in different colors. Of course, black is just so me, no?


The Zen Bitch said...
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The Zen Bitch said...

hmn, this is something i'd love to have! pa-order! puwede ba may monogrammed initials ko?

blagadag said...

hay naku. gusto ko talaga eto. am now torn between ordering one from you or i'll buy a sewing machine. i guess the latter is cheaper for me, blame the freight cost.

fuchsiaboy said...

zb - nope, i dont do monograms pa. ;)

blagadag - order ka na. what you can do is order some more of my items so that way it's cheaper to ship out when together. you like my denim bag?