Monday, August 03, 2009


I had an early birthday dinner with la famille when I was in Roxas. Nothing fancy coz when you're in Roxas, fancy stuff means tacky dinners with satin table runners and some band singing Sinatra classics. Reminds me of a Rotary party I attended years back. We decided to eat at Alma's, again. Did I mention my family is crazy about this ihawan?

The place is smoky, down to earth goodness where you can eat with your hands and drink Coke because it's soooo cheap and gorge in delish seafood. Nothing fancy. Think dampa. Here's my aunt, Sylvia, and my uncle, Boy. It's sort of a despidida for Uncle Boy also because he's going to the States, also.

Here's my cousins, Garry and Michelle.

My sister Antonette, Momsy and moi.

Moi with my favest aunt. :) My auntie Sylvia is so funny. She can converse with you like there's no tomorrow. When I got hospitalized before she kept me sane with all her stories. I had a bad case of sinus infection and noise from tv or radio just induced headaches on me. So imagine staying in a hospital room with nothing to do! Good thing she was there to keep me company with her stories. Can't wait for her to visit me here in SR. I can just imagine her going crazy over the temples. ;)

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"noise from tv or radio just induced headaches"