Thursday, September 24, 2009

Closure and Couture

My musings about how 'closure' can be likened to clothes plus other random thoughts. Read it here.


kawadjan said...

I love this post, Donita. Love the witty writing. Love the fashion references. With this sample of a well thought and coherent (nto to mention funny) concept, you should really write longer posts. Uhm, that's all.

Kiks said...

such wittiness. such fashionable spite. such flair.

how we wish the world is easier with likening everything to fashion.

where love, unlike it, one day you are in and will never be out.

again, such delectable wit - one need not wear it to love it.

kiel estrella said...

fabulous and fantastic post. it made me think and smile and emote at the same time. to the point that i need to make a rejoinder post if only to express my reaction. abangan! hahaha