Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fashion Diary : Flooded 01/10/09

Ahoy from waterworld Siem Reap!

It rained for two days and the town's not spared from the wet rage of Ketsana. We didn't have electricity and water yesterday and I wasn't able to go out of the house because it just rained and rained. Thank God it stopped today for us to be able to go to town and stock up on more supplies. We had the water pump fixed, the electricity connected and earlier on when the power was still out had our cellphones charged in our neighbor.

Centertown is still 10 minutes away and we had to walk a good distance to get a brave tuktuk to bring us there. We just had to do a fashion diary:


Top: DP s/s 10 hoodie and Topshop tank

Pants: Levi's

Accessories: Vivienne Westwood bag, Havaianas flip flops



Dress: Wanderlust

Accessories: Marc by MJ bag, Bench watch, Charles&Keith shades


Our official photographer, Spool Artist, Loven Ramos. Read his own account here.

Tee: from Manila

Shorts: Bench

Bag: from Beijing

Accessories: shades & watch from Bench


Elizabeth of Wanderlust

Top: Wanderlust with Marc by Marc Jacobs military jacket

Bags: Wanderlust, Le Sportsac

Shoes: rubber booties from Wanderlust

After doing our groceries and making sure we got everything covered in terms of cleaning agents for the apres flood clean-up, candles in case we lose power again and loads of chichirya for the boring wait for everything to normalize, we passed by Ground Coffee just to recharge before the wade back home. Unfortunately, our tuktuk died on us on the way and we had to walk in a stretch of knee deep water until we got another tuktuk to bring us straight home. Our staff were waiting for us to get their salary, some of them with water entering their houses. But we're more lucky than most. Channel News Asia reported 11 people were killed here in Cambodia related to the flood. It's worst in the Philippines and Vietnam. If you're a Christian it's really a testing of your faith and everyone is urged to pray.

Of course, the Filipino in us couldn't help but keep a light mood despite this tragic calamity. To keep our sanity above water, so to speak.


the spool artist said...

yup, it doesn't mean na kung nasa calamity ka eh you lose your sense of style. dapat mas lalo kang bihis so pag nakunan ka ng photos for CNN or BBC World, swak na swak ka sa news. hehehe.

kawadjan said...

Hahaha. Kalowka ang chika ni Loven. But I could not agree more, pareh.

Gosh, kala ko naanod ka na sa Tonle Sap. Hinanap kita. I'm glad to hear fasyon ka pa rin. Viva Baha Couture!

toxic disco boy said...

gandarva! grabe kahit baha nagawang mag photo shoot. ang cute nung last pic. ^^ bet ko yung hoodie mo. kailangan ko yan bukas pag dating ni pepeng. bagyo na naman!

switful said...

winner! naloka ako sa post na ito. I'm so diggin your short shorts and loven's.

Glad the you're all safe.

PS: I told them the SR shoot, keri naman, pero I need assurance pa tlga. Let's talk na next week, busyness pa kasi for 2nd issue. ;)

fuchsiaboy said...

spool - naman!

kawadjan - viva couture!

toxic - naku wag naman sana dumating si pepeng. di kakayanin ng hoodie ko ang bagyo! kailangan mo ng burberry trenchcoat.