Friday, September 04, 2009

Fashion Diary: Some days it's just 'what?!'

There are 'cricket' days, when you have more time to think about what to wear, and there are 'what?!' days, where you couldn't even care less what you had on. I miss having costume days, though. Siem Reap is such a laid back town and I often just grab whatever's clean and comfortable for me to wear. I think, that's not a bad thing given the heat sometimes could be so oppressive. Anyway, no more excuse for boring outfits.

Top: DKNY, thriftshop cardigan

Jeans: Only

Shoes: Muji

Necklace: from Kawadjan

Top: DP

Jeans: Helmut Lang

Shoes: Muji

Necklace: Hysteric given to me by Elizabeth

Top: Playhound

Pants: DP

Shoes: Nike

Top: from thriftshop

Pants: Levi's

Shoes: Adidas

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