Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Suitcase Sale at Maisa

It was few moons ago, palanggas, when the workasonic and fab Siem Reapers, the kind too beautiful to mention here, dahlings, gathered at Maisa Restaurant, possibly one of Siem Reaps tres tres chic Japanese restaurant.

Moi and my soulmate, BFF, crime partner Eliz, of the popular Wanderlust (from the Travel and Leisure to the shelves of New York's hippest shelves), were there to support the event because not only is it a thrift shop sale but parts of the proceed will go to the Angkor Children Hospital. Now isn't that a fab way to mix shopping and charity, non?

The Japanese crowd came early and got good bargains, especially the never used designer pieces. Ms. Aya and Ms. Ayako with their loot.

The Filipino crowd came after lunch and still found good buys. From left to right, Ms. Sarah of Sothea, Ms. Fate and Mr. Loven of Spoolworks enjoying the whole selling, swapping and buying frenzy.

I, of course, checked out what the other participants were selling.

Aside from clothes, they pretty much covered the whole gamut of wares to sell.

I regret not buying this book simply for its intriguing title, non?

Our neighbors ended up buying lots of stuff from us. I was selling my clothes for 2 a dollar. It's that bagsak presyo, my dear.

You can also get a haircut from this Japanese dude for $5. My friend Jason tried it and it came out good.

Kevin 'Dr. Pool' and this girl who works at Mother Guru Cafe played jazzy tunes to the delight of everyone.

And I saw the cutest kid, second to my nephew Freedom. His name is Luca and he's the son of Eric, the sales director of Amansara.

It was a fun, fun, fun day. And my loot? See here.

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The Zen Bitch said...

hay don,i hope you invite me on the next suitcase sale... aatak ako, promise!