Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Stuffed myself silly

Don't judge me!

Staying at the house of Tito Butz & Tita Jaki Penalosa is quite difficult if you're on permanent diet (what diet!?). They serve you boneless bangus sisig for breakfast.

They serve you all your favorite dishes. I love this bamboo shoot with shrimps. I miss Filipino and Ilonggo dishes like this one.

New pasta dish from Miguel. It's delish!

Callos by Miguel. Didn't eat this.

and this, too. It looks pretty, though.

Cheese plate. Yummy! Miguel previewed his 'Noche Buena' menu and I was lucky to try it.

At Perry Todd's by Oj, we had this delicate Blue Marlin steak. OMG! Sharap!

plus Diwal or Angel Wings shell.

Ms. Ditas treated me at Hong Kong Kitchen and we had Brocoli, Young Corn and Mushroom...

Sweet&Sour Fish, sauce on the side...

the yummiest flour crackling dipped in special vinegar (super win)...

Seafood Noodles...

this fried rice wrapped in egg.

Most nights we'd have dinner at Afrique's and eat pizza.

Lunch at the Penalosa's means having exotic shells...

grilled squid...

and boneless bangus. I swear I stuff myself with bangus when I'm home. Actually, when I'm in Roxas or in Iloilo, my family and friends would serve one bangus just for me and another one to share with others. hehehehe! So sweet of them.

We had a little party in Roxas for moi. This cake must be the greenest one I've seen in all my life. It's super Pandan! I was skeptical at first but it tasted really, really good.

My sister brought huge Mangrove Snapper, another of my favorite fish.

I died of sugar high from this fruit salad, just like the way my lola used to make it.

I ate lots of pizza.

And cakes!

And cheese cakes!

And cupcakes!

The gang prepared a special surprise despidida for moi at Esca's.

It's seafood pasta galore and breaded fish extravaganza.

Tita Ette brought Sans Rival from Burgos Bakery while Jor-el got his from Goldilocks.

I'm not a chocolate cake person coz I'm a butter cream kind of guy ;) Namit!

Miguel's tuna quiche was a blockbuster. Gone with the Wind after. Yummy!

Back to the gym to purge all the excess fats I gained. Torture!


toxic disco boy said...

i am def judging you! gosh ang daming pagkain. kaloka! haha. btw, im so drawn to that green cake. naiimagine ko ang pandan overload. gosh. parang gusto ko kumain nyan

fuchsiaboy said...

he! lol!

that green cake is delish. nagulat nga ako.