Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2 Dinners

Apres Design Lab, we had dinner at Bauhinia.

I really enjoyed their iced tea and wanted to bring home the bottle.

Ana, a Design Lab alum and now working for Robinsons, and Stella.

Then we transferred to Oyster House to have another dinner.

Tina enjoyed it so much. Ivar was overwhelmed with all the food.

Bo and his favorite model of the moment, Francis. We did a shoot with him which I took and conceptualized.

This picture of the gang looks very telenovela-ish. Hahaha! Or boy band!

The next day we had lunch at Perry Todd's. The burger there were plate sized! It's huge.

OJ, the owner and chef, once again overdid the whole thing. The food was too much! Hahaha! Love it, though.

Then I had to catch my flight to Bangkok. It was a whirlwind of activities after another. I really felt I did a lot of things during my last vacation home.

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