Monday, August 23, 2010

Lunch with Ivar and Tina

Robinsons Place Iloilo hosted a wonderful lunch for Ivarluski Aseron, Tina Daniac and the rest of the creative team involved in the grand finals of Design Lab when I was home, lately. Total fiesta!

Yummy tiger prawns!

Some blue swimmer crabs.

Some scallops. OMG! We had tons of food prepared for us. My fave was the Mangrove Snapper grilled to perfection and lato, a type of seaweeds, which you dip in vinegar/soy sauce and chopped garlic, tomato and onion.

Ivar and Bo. They worked together before in the shop of Bobby Novenario.

Tina Daniac and moi. My gosh, I wasn't a designer yet when Tina was already winning design competitions. Now we're really good friends. Tina and Ivar served as judges for the competition.

I love Ivar's Margiela sneakers. He was wearing a Margiela tee, too.

We had a nice view of Villa Beach from Breakthrough restaurant. Check it out when you're in Iloilo because they have delish food.

Apres, we went ukay hunting and I found Ivar this Comme des Garcons shirt.

It's a collab piece from this company specializing in ranchwear. Very interesting, non?

Tina got a lot. Here's a few: Marc Jacobs trench dress.

Marc bty Marc Jacobs denim jacket

A Mui Mui top.

She bought so much stuff that she had to buy a box to check-in her loots. Hehehe!


Momel said...

Those sneakers... are just... prime!

Cheers Kiks!

Momel said...

Ahaha, gaddamet, did I say Kiks? Sorry about that! Here, allow me another go...

Those sneakers... are just... divine!

Cheers Fuchsiaboy!