Thursday, August 26, 2010

Comme des Garcons Bangkok

Phew! Major major (forgive me, wehehe) image overload on this post. It's for my friends Mike and Mike, CDG freaks more than moi.

I don't see Manila on the poster because only 'first world' has CDG stores, di bala Cecile?! ;) Hehehe!

When I took these photos they had the spring/summer 2010 collections on display.

Bo had a picture with this display, wehehehe! We were soooo baduy but who cares! It's a miracle they even allowed me to take a lot of pictures.

Toxisdiscoboy, this is sooooo you! It has your name written all over it.

It was like Disneyland for moi. Wehehehe! Do you like what I'm holding?


This harness thing has been haunting me in my dreams for weeks now. Please be mine! It's just sooo freakin expensive I couldn't justify the cost. Huhuhuhu!

Leave it to Rei Kawakubo to boggle your mind.

Mike Sorilla, this section here is calling you! Buy me, buy me!


Wehehe, I asked the SA, 'What is this 'thing'?' Hehehehe...She showed me their look book on how it's worn. It's a skirt and looks AMAZING in real life!


Very Chuvaness.

Lots of stuff reminded me of CDG x H&M. Don't be fooled of their simplicity because the layered pieces could be one piece and the one piece could be layered pieces. Some of the fabrics have eyelet details, polka dot embroidery, mesh and print in just one thing. The Maryjane shoes looks so kawaii, non?

Love this tote.

Tita Jaki in the counter.

I'm so happy Bangkok has a CDG store now. I was back there recently and they have the fall/winter 2010 collection, already. I had fun trying on their stuff but I don't have the cash for it, yet. I'm seriously thinking of this bag they have there with 3 handles. Will post about it soon ;)


Anonymous said...

ganda naman! more reasons for your BKK trips! ha! :)cielo

inkarlcerating said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhhh... major major majorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

sama kami di'ha!

toxic disco boy said...

ini-imagine ko kung anjan ako. ano kaya gagawin ko? luluhod? echos. hahaha

fuchsiaboy said...

ate - kaya nga!

karl - i'm just happy malapit lang sa akin.

toxic - it's really nice to see the clothes for real. it's so different.