Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just Clothes

Man, I thought I'll have the time now that I'm not doing curating stuff but I'm happy to report that I've never been busy like this in a long time. Which sadly affects my blogging time because at the end of the day I'm just low batt from all the days work. So I apologize my dear readers (yes, you my three lovely readers) for the lack of posts lately because me needs to werq and earn money for a living, hehehehe.

Lemme share with you this image heavy (sorta) posts about some of my thrift finds and how I wore them:

At P50, I couldn't resist buying this green Brotherhood pants.

Here I'm wearing it with a Doddie Vril Tan vest, a DP tank tee top, hand painted canvas boots and Bo Parcon polka dot tote from his spring summer 2010 collection.

The DVT vest reminds me of sailboats.

The pants was sooooo comfy.

This top is from the Uniqlo x ato collab. ato is popular among Japanese pop stars.

This Dries Van Noten pants was a lucky find by Tita Jaki but it was too big for her so she gave it to me. Lucky me!

Here I'm wearing the two finds with a Marvin Banaag hoodie, some Bo Parcon chain necklace, a Martin Margiela leather ribbon pin.

The pants has buttons on the sides that tapers the hem.

Here's a mix of texture of my outfit.

My Converse sneaker was given to me by my friend Rofel.

I cut off the sleeves of this Comme Ca Du Mode trenchcoat. Got it also for P50 along with the Brotherhood pants. The thrift store was buy 2 for P100 that time.

This Tsubi (now Ksubi) jeans was also P50 from the same sale. I'm so happy to find this because I love Ksubi, an Aussie brand. They have cools shirts and jeans.

Here I wore it with an Oxygen tee (which I got on sale for P300), Bo Parcon polka dot tote, and Converse sneakers.

I was excited to wear this tartan skirt from Kenzo. It's giving off a Comme des Garcons vibe, non?

To make it masculine I thought a Rolling Stones tee would lend it a rock star vibe.

I wore underneath a DP pants and my fave tabi work boots.

The plaid fabric in the back is really cool.


toxic disco boy said...

the skirt looks lovely... and i actually bought a sleeveless trench too. hahahaha.

and your hair looks amazing. loving the sweep on the sides.

inkarlcerating said...

lets wear the tartan skirt together. i have one din haaha
don, walang makakatalo sa knbowledge mo sa clothes