Monday, August 16, 2010


Outside the Mactan airport I saw this sign. Tell me is it correct? Is there such a word?

I had this corn encrusted shrimps at this popular resto in Ayala Mall. The name escapes me now but they have those affordable, giant ribs. Yummy, but I think I like the kebab that Bo ordered.

We got this Sorilla taxi which I find funny. It's for my friend Mike.

We came to Cebu to support our friend Jaki who had a fashion show at the Ayala gardens. Very cool venue.

Strangely, I craved for chocolate cake so I dragged my friends to Starbucks. Faith would love this cake.

I also had Green Tea Frappe. I missed it. Sharap! But I think I gained 10 pounds after. All those cream and sugar...

At Teriyaki Boy, Jor-el and I had a leisurely lunch before hitting the shops. I made sure to try this Zarusoba for Loven and the green tea noodles made it different from regular soba.

One shop I enjoyed was Mental. I ended up buying this layering top. It's nice to have shops with a little bit of edge for those of us who aren't preppy.

Converse had 50% sale on some of their limited edition shoes so I had to avail of it, non? I got this hole stud number for like $30. Not bad, non?

We also checked out the atelier of Project Runway Philippines alum, Lord Maturan.

His shop is cozy and we had a great time reading magazines and just making tsika-tsika with him.

The obligatory shot of the Power Puff Girls, este, Lord, Jor-el and Bo.

The stage for Tita Jaki's show looked like this. It was a private event and they had cocktails.

At TGIFriday's, I love this pomelo shrimp salad.

After the show of Tita Jaki, we ended up resting our feet (we helped backstage) at Gloria Jean's. Jor-el is wearing one of my jackets for f/w 2010.

Bo directed the show.

I had a great time in Cebu. ;)

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