Sunday, August 08, 2010

At the Design Lab Presscon

Lent my support to the newest crop of young designers for the Design Lab finals. It's a contest I was part of creating when I was still working for Robinsons. I think it's on its 4th run already.

It's nice to see a lot of people I haven't met in along time. Here's Marichel with Bo and Kathy of Mezzo Magazine and The News Today. I did a shoot for them when I was there.

Rofel, Marichel and Jor-el. Jor-el was first runner-up during the first run of Design Lab. Now he is making waves having some of his designs published in fashion mags. He recently opened his eponymous store, too.

Mike, first runner-up of the third run of DL with Marlon and Marvin, another DL alum.

Joe and Rey, my printing press friends.

Fashion Diary:

Top: f&h black tank top under a Chemistry top

Bottom: jeans from ukay

Accessories: Thomas Sabo necklace, Martin Margiela brooch, tabi shoes, Longchamp bag

Cocktail was catered by Al Dente and it was yummy.

Dinner was hosted by Marichel and we went to Krua Thai. I always loved their Fish with 3 Herbs. Soooo delish! We ordered a lot and I was sooo full after.

It's nice to catch up with friends.


toxic disco boy said...

chemistry is one of the brands i look for in ukay. lahat drapings. kaloka lang. i love!!!

fuchsiaboy said...

it's a 'chemistry' i love to play with. actually, i wore that top upside down.